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KVet Scaler + Handpiece - PLEASE CONTACT FOR PRICE

KVet Scaler + Handpiece - PLEASE CONTACT FOR PRICE

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f you are looking for “Piezo Power”, the Keystone Vet has the perfect unit for you. This unit performs like a workhorse and its sturdy construction is built to last. The Keystone Vet Scaler features a quiet operation and generates less heat than a magnorestrictive scaler, to allow for a full function with minimal water flow. The Keystone Vet scaler’s compact size and small footprint fits easily in any workspace. The unit is lightweight enough to make it conveniently portable, too.

#8001360 KVet Scaler 230 Volt/110 Volt (includes three tips)
#8001361 KVet Scaler Handpiece
#8001362 KVet Scaler Tip G1EA
#8001363 KVet Scaler Tip G2 EA
#8001364 KVet Scaler Tip P1 EA

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